How to Make a Simple Prayer Pocket for Your Prayerful Planner!

July 11, 2018 3 min read

How to Make a Simple Prayer Pocket for Your Prayerful Planner!

Do you ever wish your favorite planner had just a little more storage space? A fun pocket to hold important papers, extra stickers, bible reading plans, habit trackers, to-do lists......and special prayer cards?!

Well I have a fun and easy solution! It's my favorite way to add a super quick and simple storage pocket to any planner. I have my "Prayer Pocket" right in the front of my Prayerful Planner. That way I see the most important things every time I open my planner. It holds my daily bible reading plan, my to-do list, my habit tracker and my most important prayer lists.

This planner pocket only takes about 20 minutes to make and you probably already have all the supplies you need. Check out the supply list and step by step directions below!

  • Step 1: Gather your supplies. 
Scrapbook paper, cardstock (or construction paper)
Cutting Matt (or scrap cardboard)
xacto blade (or scissors)
Straight edge, ruler (or nothing but your eye)
Tab hole punch (optional, can use scissors)
Planner hole punch (or single round school hole punch)
Glue stick, tape runner (or any glue you have on hand)
Printables, stickers and prayer cards (freebie printables below)



  • Step 2: Cut your paper to size. Measure the paper in your planner and use that as a guide to cut down 2 sheets of scrapbook paper. I'm using the "Have Faith" Collection by Echo Park. (information and link below)


  • Step 3: Glue paper together and add a tab. I used an adhesive runner that I purchased from Michaels. Any glue or tape will work....even your favorite decorative washi tape!


  • Step 4: Punch holes to align with your planner binding. I used the We R Memory Keepers Punch Board with the square spiral hole punch inserts. An arc punch also works well. My favorite options are listed below. I have even used a single round hole punch, measuring and punching one hole at a time. If using a single punch, you'll need to cut a perpendicular slit to each hole with scissors. 



  • Step 6: Add your bible reading plan, to-do list and habit tracker.


  • Step 7: Add your prayer cards for easy access throughout your busy day! You can find the Prayer Card printables HERE! Save them to your computer, print out on any card stock or paper and then simply cut each card out with scissors.


As you go about your busy day, with your daily planner in hand, you’ll have a consistent reminder of God’s Word, His precious promises, and your prayers and praises.....all of what’s most important will be right there next to your to-do lists, tasks and schedule for the day!




Process Video:


Supply List:

Echo Park Have Faith Scrapbook Paper


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