How to use your Prayerful Planner


A place to note and check off your 3 top priorities for the day. This is where you will list your “must do”,  most important tasks.

plan it

This is for your daily schedule, meetings and appointments. Keep track of your entire day here. Write in things like exercise, family time, quiet reading time, bible journaling or study. It’s more likely you will get it done and make it a priority if it is written down.  “Failing to plan, is planning to fail.” Benjamin Franklin


Dailypraise and gratitude are vital to living a joyous and prosperous live. We can get so busy and caught up in our day to day activities we can sometimes forget to give thanks for where we are and what we have. No matter what, there is always something to be grateful for. Use this space to note both big and small praises.

physical health

Our bodies are a temple and we should try our best to do something positive toward achieving better health everyday, even the smallest of steps can add up to big changes. Document any physical activities you’ve achieved, better food choices as well as water intake.

post it

This area is a multi-use space, a place for you to customize for your daily needs. Place sticky notes with grocery lists, to-do lists or “do not forget” important items here. Make lists for shopping, events, parties, trips, anything and everything can go here.

prayer journal

Use this space for daily prayer and journaling. God is a big God and answers prayers every day, miracles happen every day. How amazing it is to look back and remember what all God has done in your life and your families lives. We can get so busy, it’s easy to forget the small victories. This is a great place to document both the big and small wins a like.


The habits column on each monthly calendar spread allows you to track your most important daily or weekly tasks. Measuring progress leads to building better habits and creates positive change in our lives. The effect habit tracking can have on our lives borders on miraculous.....the habits we track and measure will improve exponentially! This practice can truly transform your life! You can learn more about Habit Tracking here.